Who we are

It all started many years ago when Louise got a job in a popular Oxford City wine bar, the lifestyle was fast paced and the food was ahead of its time, after a few years Louise then moved with the head chef to a popular Oxford Restaurant where she stayed for a few years before embarking on a typical 1980’s yuppy career progression in sales and marketing...

Fast forward 25 years and the foodie bug has never left, so Louise decided now is the time to get passionate about what she loves and go all out with a funky food offering with quality, health and sustainability at the core.

Henrietta the horsebox is a hand built 1978 Rice “Beaufort Double” Horse trailer with a host of additions including a full kitchen (no horse). Henrietta is perfectly designed for street food events albeit she prefers flat roads to steep hills

“If you’re afraid of butter, use cream.” -Julia Child