Pie Menu

Pie Eyed is home to our brand new Pie ‘n’ Mash Empire.

Our food is freshly made and packed full of quality natural ingredients.

We would love to visit your event and bring a little vintage fun to the proceedings.

What to do

  • Choose your PIE – all pies come with gravy
  • Choose your sides
  • Choose your drink
  • Choose your cake

“A balanced diet is a pie in each hand.” -Barbara Johnson
Pie and Mash outside event catering oxfordshire
    • Pie Menu

    • Trot On

      A British beef and mushroom succulent pie topped with Puff pastry.

    • Pony and Trap

      Delicious British chicken in a cream and tarragon sauce topped with puff pastry.

    • Rein it in

      A British beef and Clawson Stilton cheese pie with a real tang topped with puff pastry.

    • Saddle up

      Venison, smoked bacon and wild mushroom pie, encased in shortcrust pastry.

    • Make Hay

      Vegetarian pie with Goat’s cheese and asparagus encased in veggie pastry (V).

    • Saddleback

      Pork and Apple pie with Madeira topped with puff pastry.

    • Off with a Bang

      Sausages of the day.

    • Stable hand

      Speciality pie of the season Pumpkin, Game, Christmas Fayre.

    • A bit on the side

    • King Edward fluffy mashed potatoes with sour cream and butter (V)

    • Fresh sweet potato mash with coriander and cumin (V)

    • Marrowfat mushy peas - Louise’s own secret recipe (V)

    • Minted trampled peas (V)

    • The wet bit

    • Groovy Hoof Gravy with Shiraz and a kick

    • Vegetarian Groovy Hoof gravy just as spectacular (V)

    • Drinks

    • Coffee

      Hot to trot fabulous range of quality fair trade coffee Latte, Capp, Black, flat white.

    • Tea

      Speciality Fair trade tea pigs Breakfast, Earl Grey, Camomile and Assam.

    • Drinks

      Coke, Elderflower water, San Pellegrino, Orangina, Dr Pepper, Dandelion and Burdock.

    • Cakes

    • Selection of cakes baked by Louise’s Mum

The ethical part

A percentage (5%) of all our profits goes to Sobell House to help support people and families living with cancer.

Our food is Red Tractor and we are committed to animal welfare standards for all our meat.

All our packaging, take away boxes, cups and cutlery are made using recyclable material from sustainable sources.